What It Takes To Become a Medical Assistant


There are many things it takes to become a Medical Assistant. You need a college degree first. You can get either an associates or bachelors in Medical Assistant. The second is you need to be certified. This means you have to take a test. The last thing about becoming a medical assistant is the tools and resources you learned in school when you get a job. These are some of what it takes to become a medical assistant. Here are the reasons why.

Going to school is very important and big step when you are learning how to become a medical assistant. There are two options you can go. You can either chose a school that is a 2 year program for associates degree or a 4 year school for a Bachelors. In this case mostly a 2 year associates degree is all you need to become a medical assistant. You can become a nurse instead for 4 years of schooling. Once you get to school you have to study hard and get the good grades. You will be taking courses such as medicalogy and having labs which teach you how to work as a medical assistant in a medical office setting. In classes like these you will be learning so much. You need to take lots of notes, and flashcards are a great way to remember what you’ve learned. Also, learn from your other classmates as much as you can – they can be a valuable resource!

After you graduate from college you need to become a certified medical assistant. You usually can do this through school. Your teacher will tell you the dates and location of the test. You also get resources such as books to study from so you understand what will be on the test. You also have to pay a fee to take the test. There are 2 tests a year to take to become a certified Medical assistant. If you fail you can take it again but you will have to wait. Becoming certified is very important because it boosts your resume and it will improve your chances of getting a job in the medical field more quickly.

After becoming certified you are now ready for the medical assistant field and you’ll need to start looking for work. Applying to local doctors offices and hospitals is where I would go. After you find the perfect medical assistant job you need to show what you learned from your school. Remember your resources and tools and show them what it takes to become a medical assistant. It might be hard at first but once you get into a routine it will be easy for you.

My last advice before becoming a medical assistant is you have to make sure that before you do this you really want to do this. It is a lot of hard work and sometimes long hours. As a medical assistant you work just as hard as a nurse or even a doctor at times but get paid less. You help the nurses and doctors all the time. You need to make sure that this is what you want. If it is, then you are in the right place.

Going to school, getting a degree, becoming certified, and using your tools and resources in your career is some of the things it takes to become a medical assistant.

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