Best 10 Fitness Programs

FITNESS PHOTO In the modern world where mankind is presented with an abundance of choice in everything, from food, to personal technology, clothes, education, information and more, the biggest challenge is to find things that best suit your demands, goals and objectives. If you want to feel healthy, look great, have a toned physique and wonderful posture, you can enjoy the benefits of physical exercise. Many gyms and fitness centers that are not specialized on one form of physical activity, offer daily programs lasting from 20 minutes to up to 1 and a half hours, to best match the demands and aspirations of their members. There is a great variety of fitness activities and programs suitable for any age, gender or available time, you just have to choose them. We created a list of the top 10 fitness programs that will narrow down your choice and help you in your journey to wellbeing.



Pilates is a safe and easy fitness program that is suitable for everyone to enjoy. It aims at making our bodies more flexible through a series of stretching exercises that also help strengthen your muscles. Pilates is a great way of improving coordination and endurance, and lessons usually last about an hour.


Aerobics is one of the most popular and famous fitness activities, where there is a series of energetic movements that you repeat after the instructor to dance music. It has benefits in strengthening your muscles and cardiovascular system. Regular aerobics promote weight loss and significant improvements in endurance.HEALTH AND FITNESS


This is a series or regulated alterations in intensity, altitude and speed while using a stationary bicycle. The exercise is performed under the supervision of an instructor and lasts up to 45 minutes. It has positive effects on cardiovascular system, muscles and strength.

Step aerobics

Step aerobics is a series of movements that you repeat after the instructor using a special elevated platform to a fast, cheerful music. It addresses the prevention of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Step aerobics will not only help you get into shape, but you will also feel your muscles strengthen. The classes usually last about an hour.


Zumba fitness is a popular dance aerobics program that uses various movement elements to Latin beats. It is suitable for people of any age, doesn’t require any special training and aims at burning fat, strengthening muscles and cardio-vascular system, it charges you with energy and improves your posture. Classes usually last about an hour and are carried out by a fitness instructor.

Cross fit

Cross fit is a new kind of fitness program that employs a system of varied high-intensity movements and exercises that are systematically changed in order to improve your endurance, tone your body and strengthen your muscles. You can read more about it on this website. Classes usually last up to 30 minutes.


This type of fitness involves elements of boxing and martial arts. It is enjoyed by people of various ages and of physical training. It’s a tough program, but is quite popular, as it tones your body, teaches you to react fast, self-control and a unity of movements.

Pole dancing

Pole dancing is quite popular and famous and involves various exercises using a dance pole that help improve your flexibility, movements and tones your body. The lesson usually last about an hour and involves elements of stretching, dancing and tricks, that are performed with your clothes on.

Tae bo

Tae bo are high intensity workouts that are rather tough and require a lot of strength and energy, but the results are worth it. It involves various elements of boxing, karate, taekwondo and martial arts, without contact with the opponent.

Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics is usually performed in a swimming pool and involves various muscles in the body, based on the principle of continuous movement in order to float in the water. The classes last up to 1 hour, during which you improve you flexibility, tone your body, build muscle tissue and burn calories.

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