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EXERCISEWith all the hype about athletics and exercise in the recent years everyone is looking for the right site to follow to stay up to date on new products, exercise programs, and new athletes. There are many product review sites on the web that feature many things from shoes to gear. So how do you know which one to follow? is one of the best review sites for athletes. Not only do they do reviews on shoes, cleats, and other gear but they talk about the best athletes in Crossfit arenas. They focus on what truly makes an athlete strong and where to find the best cross trainers for your needs. They even do some fun posts like the best athletic girls in cross fit.

Athletic Muscle is and informative site that was designed to tell you about strength, training, and supplementation. The articles are designed to help you gain strength, build muscle, and improve performance. The Crossfit community is very large and with Athletic Muscle you can all you need to know to stay healthy and active.

Crossfit is tactical training for police, military, and some hard core athletes. It involves lots of strenuous exercises that consist of WOD, or workout of the day, each day has a different objective. On Monday you may do treadmill running for a mile, then work in around 100 pull ups, then maybe 200 pushups, 300 squats using your body weight as the weight limit, then finish out with another mile run. This would be a full routine for one day. Then on the next day you would change it up with different hard core exercises between mile runs on the treadmill. This helps you to achieve maximum benefit from the workout. It’s not for the weak. However, they have designed workouts for seniors that are interested in Crossfit.

Athletic Muscle is the place to go to read about all the athletes who are excelling in the Crossfit world and to do research on the proper shoes and equipment. Since they research and review the proper attire for Crossfit they are considered the experts in Crossfit necessities. You will be able to get reviews on cross trainers so you know which ones are the best for your feet. They also give recognition to all the athletes that have shown excellence in competitions and training. They talk about the best nutrition for a healthy body and what supplements are great for you to take. You can find all the information you need for Crossfit and what’ necessary to stay in shape with Crossfit.

Athletic Muscle even has a section that will help you understand what Crossfit is and how you can train. It tells you about specific workouts you can do and what result you will get from that specific exercise routine. Crossfit is exploding among the military especially special forces such as Rangers and Marines. Weight lifters and Wrestlers have taken to Crossfit also. They find it helps give them the stamina they need for competitions and matches.

One thing you have to remember when training with Crossfit is that you must start out at an appropriate weight and work yourself up to more strenuous workouts. You can’t just jump right in thinking you can do more than you have trained your body to do. Just remember with Crossfit it’s not meant to crush you it’s meant to build strength and muscle mass.


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