Best CrossFit Bods Of 2014


Over the last four or five years Crossfit has grown exponentially with “boxes” popping up in cities all over the globe. Sporting one of the most demanding and inclusive workout philosophies, Crossfit has caught on like wild fire. An impressive byproduct of the lifestyle Crossfit promotes is some sculpted men and women. Here is a list of the six best Crossfit bods of 2014:

1. Camille LeBlanc Bazinet – The Canadian athlete comes from a gymnastics background and the skills from her earlier training show through in her Crossfit performance. With a strong core and incredible body weight movement control, Camille is one of the most accomplished female athletes. She is also incredibly fit and a crowd favorite.

2. Rich Franklin – The three-time champ is built like a linebacker. Combining incredible strength and power with durability and an engine that just won’t quit. He played baseball through high school, but has rounded out his game to the point where he is the most formidable champion in Crossfit history.

3. Annie Thorisdottir – Hailing from Iceland, this tall, striking athlete towers over the competition often showing her six-pack. She is an imposing figure and an intimidating athlete, but has a smile that lights up the room. Combining a fierce competitive spirit with world-class sportsmanship, she’s won over fans around the world. Keep your eyes on this athlete to make a run at her third title in 2014.

4. Chris Spealer – One of the original Crossfiters and everyone’s favorite underdog, Speal is hard to root against. Usually the smallest competitor at the elite level, Chris gives hope to all the little guys. With a never-quit attitude born out of his wrestling days, Chris has the perfect body structure for body-weight exercises and can string together more pull-ups than any of his foes.

5.Julie Foucher – Combining brawn with brains, Julie is studying to be a doctor while training part-time to compete at the highest level of Crossfit. She’s one of the younger competitors but has the skills to make a run at the podium this year. Well-rounded is an understatement when describing this inspirational athlete.

6. Jason Kalipa – With legs the size of tree trunks and an upper body to match, Jason is one of the most powerful and dynamic Crossfit athletes. He won the second Games and has probably been the most consistent performer over the last five years. Known for his heart and determination, one of Jason’s most unforgettable moments was his comeback the year following his win. After a disastrous long distance run that left him at the bottom of the pack and almost in the hospital, Kalipa clawed back with impressive finishes in his subsequent events, earning the respect of his competitors and fans alike.

Of all these ahtlete’s who do you think is the hottest? The six top Crossfiters that made the list are true representations of how Crossfit can affect your athletic performance. With constantly varied, high intensity natural body movements you can achieve and incredible level of physical fitness. Couple that with proper nutrition, ample sleep and water and you could have an incredible Crossfit bod as well.

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