Couch Potato No More: Fitness in Your Living Room

It never fails that with the arrival of each new year comes a host of resolutions that involve going to the gym every day, running 10 miles a week, or fitting into those jeans you wore in high school. Unfortunately, a few months into the year our healthy desires get pushed aside and replaced with responsibilities to our spouses, children, workplace, school, or any other number of people and places. Not only that, those gym memberships are EXPENSIVE!

home fitness chin up bar

So how does someone get fit on the fly? Easy! Make your living room your workout space! There are a number of options for the at-home fitness fiend, no matter your skill level or needs.

The internet holds a TON of options, so we’ll just look at a few here; the truth remains though that you are only limited by your desire to get healthy!

If you’re low on time or commitment, check out all of the ‘fitness challenges’ posted on Facebook, Pinterest, or other workout sites. These challenges often take very little time per day, but can give you big results. Typically, a single area or muscle group is worked. For example, there are squat challenges (increasing numbers of squats each day), wall sit challenges, and challenges that focus on your arms, legs, abs, or butt. In addition to not being terribly time consuming, these are also excellent because your ‘rest days’ are built into the challenge, and you can often find a calendar to print with each day’s requirements. If you want to go a little more in depth, look online for workout plans or videos. You can often find great, well designed workout plans that can be completed with simple household items (a kitchen chair, rolled up bath towel, etc) that are completely FREE! Search engines are your best friend here; simply type in the specifics of the type of workout you’re looking for and take your pick!

Finally, if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, head to your local store or online retailer and scope out the DVD section. DVD workouts can sometimes take a little bit more time, but the results are often more reliable and visible in a shorter period of time. The best part about this method is the breadth of DVD workout options. Most stores and retailers carry everything from easy to follow yoga workouts to extremely intense sculpting workouts. Arguably some of the best fitness DVD options are from fitness experts like Jillian Michaels and P90x creator Tony Horton.

While these two coaches get real results very quickly, they do often take up a larger chunk of time during the day, something that not every busy parent, student, or employee can manage. No matter your needs or desires, there is a home fitness option out there for everyone. The best thing to remember is to not get discouraged if you don’t see the results you’re looking for right away.

Maybe you need more time (Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were anyone’s sculpted abs) or perhaps the workout you’re doing just isn’t the right one for you. Don’t be afraid to test the waters and find out what gets you looking good and feeling great. Once you’ve got that figured out, next year your New Year’s Resolution can finally be getting that new car or job you wanted instead of hitting the gym!

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