A healthy good night’s rest is nature’s way to rejuvenate and recharge you naturally


You’ve been brought up hearing that you need 8 hours of sleep each night, but how many of us actually get even that much. It seems we spend such a big chunk of our day living a busy life that when it comes time to get some sleep we’re lucky if we can squeeze in 6 hours, and that’s on a good day.

Nature uses the time you rest to refurbish your body and mind and get you in shape to tackle another day. Now ask yourself when you do get your sleep, are you getting good sleep? Meaning, what shape is your mattress in? Have you had it so long you can feel the springs poking at you while you’re trying to doze off for a nice evening’s sleep?   Do you sink down in areas that have been worn out over the years?

It’s a good thing to consider a 2 sided mattress. A good thing to know is that after a while when it seems to be wearing down all you have to do is flip it. There you have it, fresh new bed with just a flip. Keep your bed twice as long and extend yourself a good healthy night’s sleep. After all, you’ve got to give nature its chance to help get you in top form. No special pill is needed to receive the health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Just shut your eyes and let Mother Nature do the rest. Wake rejuvenated because not only did you have a good night’s sleep, but you did so in comfort.

It is noted in many places that 8 is the magic number when it comes to getting a healthy good night’s sleep. Some can do it in less, but remember, you may be able to function on less sleep, but your body will feel the effects eventually because it’s not getting the proper amount of time to strengthen and revitalize itself. A lot goes on in your body while you’re sleeping instead of that crazy dream where you’re a great white shark in an ocean full of fish that look like giant hamburgers or veggie burgers for our vegan friends.

While you sleep different systems in your body work on reshaping themselves back into prime form for another da. Such as your digestive system. You may be dreaming away but your digestive system is working on what you’ve had to eat that day and breaking it down directing the right nutrients to the right areas and so forth. Your body is working while you’re resting away and making sure that it’s ready to take on the next day. Sleep is a vital part of living healthy and make sure you don’t discount it. It really is important to get as close to those 8 hours of sleep that is recommended for a reason. Some days, we just can’t get 8 hours but it’s good at least if we try. Its nature’s way to help keep us healthy.

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