A new take on an old idea: Diets, Fitness & Health

HEALTHYThe issue of health and fitness has always been relevant – though in the past centuries we see that the fashion and preferences of body structures were different – judging by the voluptuous models of the Renaissance period, there was always a fashion of one form or another. In the past decade there has been a shift from the 80’s where people were embracing their freedom to express themselves and more happy, healthy and free lifestyle was welcomed by the society.

 We now are at the age, where waif-like models, like Kate Moss, for example are the beauty idol for millions of girls worldwide. Although this trend has been up and running for quite some time, slowly there is another trend emerging – and that is the belief that you must not only be slim, but have a fit body, as it prolongs your lifespan, increases your overall activity and endurance and improves your health. In the past 5 years alone, there have been thousands of new diets introduced by various companies, nutritionists and celebrities alike, all urging people for stop eating one thing or another and start taking care of their body. While your body is purely your own instrument and you can do whatever you wish with it, here are some very interesting health trends that we have seen emerge in the past couple of years alone.

Dietary habits and preferences

It is interesting to see the evolution that various eating diets have gone through. From the original vegetarianism, which was initially a movement for animal protection, it has now become a dietary preference, there have been numerous diets promoted and written up about in books, on websites, e-books, articles and more. And while there is no one diet that is universal and will work for anyone, there are plenty to choose from. From the newest trends in diets, the two that are most popular at the moment are Paleo and Ducan. Paleo’s main rules are that people’s bodies have not evolved from Stone Ages and we should eat the most simple food that can be either ‘gathered’ or ‘killed’, following these principles, it is believed that people will get healthier bodies and will reach their desired weight. Ducan’s diet is a new method that separates the weight losing process into 3 parts, which are based on pure proteins and fruits, overall adding up to 100 ingredients.

Home DVD’s and TV shows

While there are numerous diets that people can read about, the companies went further than that and we can now watch whole shows and instructional DVD’s with fitness routines, workout programs and even shows where one can watch the progress of others in their journey to weight loss. From “Extreme Weight Loss” and “Heavy” to “The Biggest Loser” and “I Used To Be Fat”, there are many shows to choose from, depending on your interests and preferences. The shows are inspiring and motivate others to start taking care of their bodies and health. To ensure a successful workout, it is absolutely essential to purchase the necessary fitness clothes and shoes, and this exercise shoe guide can help you choose the right gear.

Fitness Apps

While workouts and fitness programs are still based on cardio, aerobics and weights, what has evolved is the way that we can access these – through apps on our gadgets and phones, from anywhere. This lets us workout even when we are on holidays, or at home, to see and track our progress, calculate how many steps we make a day with smart accessories such as the FitBit, and even have a daily mini fitness, called the “7-Minute Workout”, which is believed to train all the required muscles in just that time.

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