How can you improve your mental health?

MENTAL HEALTHMental health can be a contributing factor to your physical health declining. When you are alone, scared, depressed or anxious you don’t feel like interacting with others. You retreat into yourself, sometimes you even lock yourself in your home for weeks. This is not a healthy way to live. You need companionship to be healthy. Friends and family can help you with recognizing the signs of depression and physical ailments and help you to seek medical help.

Some suggestions to help you cope with being alone at night when your most vulnerable to anxiety, fear, depression, and loneliness are available online but here is a few that are helpful and could mean a world of difference in your life.


Taking medicine for depression, anxiety, paranoia, and feeling helpless can really help improve your moods and your ability to function with the world. Some medicines have side effects that may make it worse and some make it better. Testing the medicine for at least two weeks unless allergic will give you the idea of what it does for you. Some over the counter aids can also help. But if taking prescription medicine consult your doctor before adding any over the counter medicine to your regimen. Something counter act others and could do more harm than good. If you don’t want to go the prescription route some herbs and vitamins have been known to help with these feelings and make it more possible to cope with them.

Having a security blanket

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a blanket it can be a quality flashlight on your bedside table, a favorite picture on your wall, your favorite pair of pajamas, or yes even a certain blanket. These things can add security to your mind when in turmoil. Many people feel safer when using a weighted blanket, it makes them feel secure, safe, and wrapped tightly like in a hug. This gives them a false sense of comfort which can help relax them at night so that they can sleep soundly. Noises at night can scare you and cause anxiety and dreams have a way of terrifying you and increasing your chances of an anxiety attack. Having these things with you will comfort you without having to resort to medicine which is a great way to naturally treat your problems.

Counselor or friend to talk to

A counselor or friend that is trusted is also another way to relieve anxiety, depression, and insecurities. This will help you to get those emotions out of your head and give you a voice. Counselors can be rather pricey without insurance but a trusted friend can do wonders for your health and well-being. But choose someone you can truly trust because not everyone is trustworthy. If you find that you have no one to trust a journal is the next best thing. Keep it by your bed side and when you have a thought that triggers an emotion write it down. When you have a dream that terrifies you write it down. Just write as if you were talking to a counselor and know that it’s helping to give you a voice and release those fears. Keep it away from people so that you don’t loss trust in your journal and friends.

These are just a few ways to keep your mental health in check that will support your over-all well-being. Improving your spiritual and physical health can keep you healthy for years.


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