What kitchen item can make healthy smoothies, hot soup, and ice cream in just one appliance?

HEALTHY EATING PHOTOYou’re not going to believe this, but healthy eating just got easier. How much easier?  A lot! You’ve heard about it and probably seen an infomercial that caught your attention at some point with Montel Williams in it.  Matter of fact, even though it’s not the name of the blender, people know it the minute you say Montel Williams Blender. It’s technically the LWMHM.  Living Well Montel Health Master.  George Foreman has his grill, and Montel has a blender. Well, it’s s not just a blender; it’s a super blender that can do so much.

It started as an item to help develop and maintain a physically healthy lifestyle.  It did that by making incredible smoothies.  Not just any smoothie where you put in a few cut up, super soft ingredients, such as bananas you had to slice, or oranges you had to peel.  However you don’t have to do all that prepping and peeling and get limited to a few ingredients.  In the LWMHM, throw it all in; fruit rinds, vegetable rinds, frozen foods and more.  This will make a quick job of making anything you put in, into a fine puree, or whatever texture you’re aiming for. It has a big enough opening at the top so that all sorts of different kinds of food will fit.  It has a cookbook to give you an idea of smoothies and other concoctions to make in it, but half the fun is experimenting with finding the perfect mixture that becomes your very own.  Taking your favorite ingredients and seeing how they work with others, you become the chef, creating wonderful new quick meals with just the touch of a button.

One of the things it does besides the total obliteration of whatever you add to it is make soup.  I don’t mean just a blended soup; I mean nice, hot soup.  It heats and cooks your soup for you.  Just add the ingredients you want for the soup you are going to be making and not only will it blend the soup, it will heat it up to the temperature you want it or even cook it for you.  Imagine healthy hot soup, freshly prepared with all the healthy goodness you want to add, and not only blended but cooked for you!  No big clunky pots cooking on the stove heating the whole house up because the heat has to be on it cooking or simmering it all day.  Imagine the perfect soup from a blender that barely takes up any space at all and doesn’t heat your entire house to put together.  Just add your ingredients, blend and put the blender heat on and in minutes; healthy fresh hot soup ready to go for you at your command.

Another thing besides smoothies and juices and soups you can have fun with is making homemade ice creams, sorbets, sherbets, and other fun desserts as well.  Check this out, so not just heat for soups, but cold to create frozen delights as well.  Everything that it can do is well broken down for you with examples and recipes in the book and literature that comes with it.  There are so many fans for the LWMHM that you can find an abundance of recipes on the net with people who are such avid fans that they have their own homemade sites to show off the foods they’ve come  up with to prepare.

It seems too easy right? Well, you’re right.  It is too easy and that’s what makes it such a great product.  Stay healthy in a whole new way.  Take your old blender and put this in its place and enjoy super smoothies, hot and nutritious soups, and homemade ice cream all from one little kitchen appliance with a touch of a button.  Now how easy is that?

For more on healthy eating check this site out also!


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