Longboards = Freedom + Fitness

Longboarding and skateboarding provide a sense of freedom, a means for transportation, exercise, happiness, and an adrenaline fix. The connection between person and vessel is no recent invention. Use four wheels and attach something to stand or sit on. In this case, the wheels connected below a flat board may have just been a way for surfers to ride a concrete wave. However, the use of a skateboard transforms the means of transportation to a state of style and expression.

The essence of the longboard and skateboard is the wheel. This allows for the rider to glide smoothly across the grounds to facilitate ease of transportation. Start to skate downhill to pick up speed and this is where the real fun begins. Pumping up and down hills to maximize momentum is a key ingredient to utilizing the skateboard.

Downhill longboarding gives the rider a sense of freedom. You can carve back and forth across the pavement at your discretion. There is no right or wrong, as long as the rider stays within his or her comfort level to monitor speed, safety, and other obstacles. Here, the rider can express their inner self as they feel the wind blowing through their hair.

Longboards can also be used as a good source of exercise. Simply riding across a flat street can burn calories and get you to where you need to go faster than walking and with less effort that running. While riding, the user balances on one leg with stabilizer muscles in the quadricep, hamstring, hips, calves, ankles, and more. While the other leg is pushing of the ground to create speed, the two legs have equally important jobs to use the board properly. And when used properly, it can create a real workout, especially for your core and lower body.

This doesn’t take away from the importance of the upper body when skating. While this may be surprising to some, riders need to use their arms and shoulders to ensure good balance and posture. Using the arms properly when turning and pedaling gives the rider a greater advantage to turn sharper and create personal style. No one person’s style is exactly the same. People balance differently due to size and center of gravity. One thing can be certain, no matter how tall or short you are, we can create our own style on a skateboard.

For those adrenaline junkies, skating offers a unique sense of danger while still feeling comfortable. Once you have built up some speed, its time to put both legs on the board, bend your knees, and enjoy the ride. This gliding sensation releases endorphins in the brains that can calm people or give the adrenaline junkies some much needed substance.

Skateboards were meant to ride an endless concrete wave, but have evolved into so much more. Whatever your needs are for riding a longboard or skateboard you can find that skating offers a unique way to blend exercise, freedom on an open surface, adrenaline with downhill speeding, transportation from one place to another, and expression through style.

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