Lose Weight the Easy Way with a Vegan Diet

healthy vegan foodLosing weight can seem like an uphill battle. People often forget that exercise is only 20% of what makes up a health weight loss routine. The bulk of your success will come from changing your diet to one that is not only healthier but that works best for your body. Jillian Michaels has said, on many occasions, that a vegan or vegetarian diet is not necessarily the best healthy choice for everyone. Some people need animal protein in their diet. However, thousands of people have switched to a vegan diet, lost weight and maintained a healthy lifestyle since. Here are some things you should know if you are thinking about diving in to this healthy trend on your own.

Start Out Slow

If you are not sure if you are really ready to dive into becoming vegan then you might want to give it a try on a trial basis. Some would call this being a part-time vegan. This means that one or two days a week you commit to eating the vegan way. This is a great way for you to gain a deeper understanding of the diet as well. Many people struggle with such a drastic change but you can use this opportunity to slowly ease your body into the new healthy eating plan.

You Will Eat More

Fruits and vegetables are very low in caloric value which means you will need to eat more to maintain a healthy daily calorie intake. However, you will notice that by eating vegetables you feel fuller longer and that satisfaction is one that everyone enjoys. Check out vegan blogs to find fun and easy recipes to try. The last thing that you want to do is simply eat boring spinach or carrots alone. Using infused oils and seasonings allows you to get a lot of flavor from the items that you are cooking. Many vegan dishes are truly mouthwatering. Learn more here.

Learn What You Can

The vegan diet is difficult. Some things you may not think contain animal products do. For example, gelatin powder is made from ground horse hooves and many powdered pasta mixes contain dried milk product. You will also discover that there are many soup mixes and sauces that contain animal product like fish sauce.

Your life doesn’t have to be all about tofu either. While there are many tofu options, some vegans choose to avoid it all together because it is a chemically modified soy substance that is not necessarily any healthier for you. Try to focus your diet on eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead. You will discover that foods like eggplant and bean spouts can really enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes.

Once you get a handle on the vegan lifestyle you will discover that it is pretty easy to maintain. Those who switch over state that they notice rapid weight loss while also feeling an increase in their energy and overall well-being. It’s even easier now than it was in past years because of the growing number of restaurants that cater to vegan guests. This means you don’t have to worry about falling off your diet just because you are eating out with friends.

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