What to Love about Fixed-Gear Bicycles, and Why you Should have One?

fixie1Fixed-gear bicycles are one of the oldest and simplest type of bicycles. It is a single-speed bike that does not have a freewheel. It means that if the bike is in motion, the pedals will continue to go around, and you cannot coast on a fixed-gear bicycle. It’s more like of a manual control over the bike.

There is a mystical connection between a bike and its rider. Fixed-gear bicycle is a mirror of the rider’s personality. The bike’s design, accessories and physical appearance are mainly according to the user’s preference. The user can change the bike’s design whenever he wants, that makes the bike look good as new each time it is changed.

fixie2Fixed-gear Bikes for Fun!

Fixing and assembling a fixie requires a bit of practice in order to become comfortable on it. First timer cyclists will try to coast once the bike is on to a certain speed as they are used to in a normal bike. Unfortunately, coasting will not be allowed by the bike and you will keep on pedalling. This sometimes can be disconcerting but once you get used to it, you will enjoy it. It may take weeks of constant riding to unlearn one’s impulse to coast and get used to continuous pedalling. It’s worth a try to experience practicing to ride this bike as the results can be satisfying and fun.

fixie3Fitness and Form

Riding fixed-gear bikes are a great form of exercise as pedalling is continuous. When you need to climb higher roads, you do not need to change gears as you don’t have that option. All you think is powering up your pedalling in order to climb efficiently. While in going down, you have the choice of gearing down or slowing down your pace. When you ride a fixed gear, the urge and need to get up higher roads forces you to ride with higher intensity. Upon descent, you will be forced to pedal at a faster rate. The continuous pedalling motion at a different rate promotes good circulation and strengthens leg muscles.

Feel the Traction Conditions

Fixed gear bikes gives the rider a direct feel for traction conditions on slippery roads or surfaces. This makes it suitable to be used on rainy conditions. This feel for traction will aid you learn on how to control the front brake and the motion of the bike. Because of a solid control over the bike, it is also suitable in bumpy conditions or corners. Most riders can easily learn to feel traction conditions and get over the control in no time.

Fixed-gear Bikes for Efficiency

A fixed wheel fixed-gear bike is much lighter than that multi-speed bike because it has no rear brake, extra sprockets, derailers and shift levers. It has also a substantially shorter chain than multi-speed bikes. If properly set up, it can have a perfectly straight chainline and make it a monster in the drive-train efficiency. However, efficiency will mainly depends upon the quality of the parts of the bike.




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