Neck Pain = Cervicogenic dizziness?

neck painEveryone gets dizzy from time to time. Causes for dizziness are mostly minor but can also be an indication of an underlying issue. There are many ways one can become dizzy. Of course, everyone has experienced dizziness, as a child, from spinning around too fast. Though, other times, we just get dizzy for no apparent reason and those are always the most difficult to pinpoint the cause.

There is one culprit that most seem to disregard. Neck Pain. We all experience neck pain in some way or another. You sleep in a weird position or get in an accident or even from just bad posture at work sitting at the computer all day. Your neck gets stiff and aches and leads to pain, which can get worse. Most try to dull the pain with medicine and hope it goes away. Neck pain, however, can also lead to dizziness. The official term is Cervicogenic Dizziness. This diagnosis can be controversial because there is no diagnostic test to confirm it. It is usually diagnosed after all the other possibilities have been ruled out.

neck pain 2When being seen about this issue it is important to check the other root causes of dizziness. Ear canal issues are other causes of dizziness. Usually your doctor will check for trauma to the ear canal that may cause an imbalance. Your doctor might also check eye movements to see if the brain is causing it. The cause of dizziness is less likely caused by neck pain if there was no incident involved. An accident with whiplash can often cause dizziness in a patient. People with this disorder will see the dizziness go away when the neck pain goes away. Just be sure your doctor checks out all the other possibilities before giving credit to neck pain .

neck pain 3If it is determined that it is a positive diagnosis, then there is hope. Prognosis of this disorder is good, with 75 percent of patients seeing an improvement in symptoms i.e. pain and dizziness. Usually pain and/ or dizziness medication can be given along with exercise to help any neck issues. This will in turn help with dizziness. Other patients are also taught proper posture. This will help prevent the disorder from occurring again and might help ease pain and dizziness. If you suffer from dizziness you can also use gentle mobilization of the neck techniques since that is the root cause of the dizziness. Always consult a doctor or a specialist on the matter for you never want to make it worse and do more damage. Some people with more intense cases may have to do Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy or VRT. This program may involve eye exercises, balance exercises, graded exposure to environments that might make you dizzy, and walking.

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