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Make Any Dessert Diabetic Friendly in 4 Simple Steps

Controlling your sugar intake is an important part of managing diabetes. A variety of every-day foods already have natural sugar which is why it is important to eliminate any additional

Keep Your Mind Sharp With Physical Training

We all know that going to the gym is great for your body, but some find it tedious after a while. For those who need a little more stimulation when

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Get Fit with Home Yogurt

Yogurt has many great health benefits. It’s low in fat and sugar, but high in good bacteria. It’s similar to ice-cream but not as bad for you. Not to mention

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For many people, getting in shape can seem like a challenge. Where to start? What to work on first? What’s the difference between your biceps and your triceps? It can

A healthy good night’s rest is nature’s way to rejuvenate and recharge you naturally


You’ve been brought up hearing that you need 8 hours of sleep each night, but how many of us actually get even that much. It seems we spend such a big chunk of our day living a busy life that when it comes time to get some sleep we’re lucky if we can squeeze in 6 hours, and that’s on a good day.

Nature uses the time you rest to refurbish your body and mind and get you in shape to tackle another day. Now ask yourself when you do get your sleep, are you getting good sleep? Meaning, what shape is your mattress in? Have you had it so long you can feel the springs poking at you while you’re trying to doze off for a nice evening’s sleep?   Do you sink down in areas that have been worn out over the years?

It’s a good thing to consider a 2 sided mattress. A good thing to know is that after a while when it seems to be wearing down all you have to do is flip it. There you have it, fresh new bed with just a flip. Keep your bed twice as long and extend yourself a good healthy night’s sleep. After all, you’ve got to give nature its chance to help get you in top form. No special pill is needed to receive the health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Just shut your eyes and let Mother Nature do the rest. Wake rejuvenated because not only did you have a good night’s sleep, but you did so in comfort.

It is noted in many places that 8 is the magic number when it comes to getting a healthy good night’s sleep. Some can do it in less, but remember, you may be able to function on less sleep, but your body will feel the effects eventually because it’s not getting the proper amount of time to strengthen and revitalize itself. A lot goes on in your body while you’re sleeping instead of that crazy dream where you’re a great white shark in an ocean full of fish that look like giant hamburgers or veggie burgers for our vegan friends.

While you sleep different systems in your body work on reshaping themselves back into prime form for another da. Such as your digestive system. You may be dreaming away but your digestive system is working on what you’ve had to eat that day and breaking it down directing the right nutrients to the right areas and so forth. Your body is working while you’re resting away and making sure that it’s ready to take on the next day. Sleep is a vital part of living healthy and make sure you don’t discount it. It really is important to get as close to those 8 hours of sleep that is recommended for a reason. Some days, we just can’t get 8 hours but it’s good at least if we try. Its nature’s way to help keep us healthy.

How to make accommodations for disabled or young children in restaurants

YOUNG CHILDRENMy wife has multiple sclerosis.   She can still walk, with the help of a cane. Going out to eat is always an adventure, and the reason I am telling you this is that if you work in the restaurant genre maybe you’ll stop and take notice. Not just for disabled patrons, but for young children too.

We walk into a restaurant with our group and there’s usually a hostess podium with people standing around it. They see us and her with her cane and whoever we are with and (this has happened more than once) they proceed to walk to the far end of the restaurant. We pass by empty tables and booths and I wonder why we have to walk to the farthest end of the restaurant. It’s obvious that walking isn’t easy for her, and one of our comrades said can’t we sit in one of these open booths and the hostess was like sure, no problem. It was as if the thought never crossed her mind.

Do they actually have to have a clause for how to treat disabled people in their training to avoid situations like that? My favorite was the one who made us walk past an empty table and up a set of stairs. When asked why we didn’t get to sit in another booth we were told that this waitress’ section had an opening and the other section with the empty booth we would have had to wait 5 minutes for a waitress to pick it up. 5 minutes, or 5 steps? We’ll take the 5 minutes.

Then you have young children. Say you’re out for a nice meal and there are some families with young children who think they are at home because they are yelling, crying, or even running around like they are. Maybe, now this is just an idea, but the restaurateur should plan for the future and have an area where to sit the majority of children away from where the adult customers are. I’ve been to restaurants that do that and see it has worked out very well.YOUNG CHILDREN

For children, it’s nice when a restaurant is prepared for their younger clientele by having booster seats and high chairs available to use at tableside. I mean they had to sit in a special car seat in order to get to the restaurant in the first place. They already had a plan for future excursions by having a car seat ready for their young ones. They are tiny and need a little help and it’s nice to see restaurants who care enough by keeping a few booster chairs and high chairs around. They may be only young children but they are patrons too. It’s hard to see a parent struggle with a child who has to sit on their knees or in their lap to eat at the table.

My wish is that a restaurant is prepared for their clientele, and has special training on how to treat customers who are disabled or have young children. They are out for a good time with their friends and families too. Let’s not rob them of their experience out by not being prepared.

Improve Your Game with These 4 Tips

Rough stuff … last year's super bowl betweem the New England Patriots and New York Giants.Athletes eat, live and breathe their sport. It is the only way that they can fine tune their skills, hone their talent and prevent injury. When it comes to sports like football, your body can really take a beating. This is why it is important to keep yourself in the best shape possible. Minor changes to your workout routine and eating plan can yield big results for your overall game play. Follow these four tips to help make the most out of your athletic ability.

Incorporate Yoga or Ballet – There are dozens of football players that practice yoga and ballet. Both activities are designed to focus the mind and help you get in tune with your body. The stretches and movements will relax your muscles and allow them to heal faster from injury. You will also build your muscle tone through the use of body weight exercises. Although both of these activities seem girlish, the results are undeniable. Many professional football players even state that activities like ballet help them maneuver better on the field and increase their overall ratings.

Update Your Skills – What you know about football primarily comes from watching other players, watching games, playing the game and listening to your coach. But there are even more information sources out there which can benefit your performance on the field. Websites like http://www.touchdownskills.com are designed to take you through every aspect of playing football and teach you techniques and changes to your routine that can yield big results. Be sure to check out this site to find out how you can really fine tune your skills and learn about plays that other professionals are using.

Go Paleo – The paleo diet is one that is designed around ingredients that we can get just from nature. Basically it included lean meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables and some forms of dairy. The layout of the paleo diet is ideal for anyone who is an athlete because it focuses on foods that are nutrient dense. As it has become more popular, there are hundreds of websites devoted to healthy meals for this diet. Many of them utilize the power of coconut flour and almond flour in place of traditional refined flours which weigh you down. These alternatives are high in protein and healthy fats which fuel your body through any game.

Try Rhodiola – A good athlete is against taking performance enhancing drugs. The alternative solution to give yourself and edge is with natural supplements. Rhodiola root is an all-natural arctic herb that has substantial benefits for athletes. First, it increases your stamina. Rhodiola does not give you the edge that you get from drinking an energy drink or eating pasta before a game. There is now sluggish feeling or crash in the end. Instead, it gives you a natural drive and focuses your mind and your energy into your performance. Taking one tablet within 30-minutes of a game will allow you to really power through without feeling fatigued. This supplement is also designed to calm your nerves and keep your body feeling stress-free. Athletes who take Rhodiola swear that is the best supplement before a practice or a game when you really need a boost to power through without feeling jittery or crashing later on.

6 Ways to Clean Your Diet

veggies and meatsVegan. Gluten free. Paleo. HCG. When you are trying to be healthy it seems like there is a never ending list of diets to choose from. The problem with diets like Paleo and HCG is that they require numerous restrictions and modifications that can be difficult to stick with. For this reason, the clean eating diet plan has moved ahead of the pack. Clean eating is the concept of eliminating processed and pre-prepared foods from your diet. On this diet you will focus on eating lean meats, plenty of fruits and vegetables, homemade sauces and low-fat dairy. The diet is very easy to stick too and yields weight loss success for nearly everyone who tries it. Get started by cleaning up your diet with these healthy diet ideas.

  1. Cut the Sugar & Salt – Store bought sauces and condiments are loaded with excess sugar and salt. While these ingredients add more flavor to the ketchup we love, they also contribute to adding inches to your waistline. Make your own basic condiments from fresh vegetables, oils and seasonings instead.
  2. Cook with Broth – Vegetable broth is a magical underused cooking agent that is perfect for cooking lean white meats such as turkey, pork and chicken. Simply add ¼ cup to your frying pan before adding your meat filets and cook on medium heat. The vegetable broth will add plenty of flavor and you can add more by tossing in your own vegetables and seasoning blends. Most importantly, by cooking your meats in vegetable broth it will cook completely without getting burned and the meat will remain extra moist.
  3. Discover Vegetables – Eating plenty of vegetables is an important part of any healthy eating plan. But did you know there is more that you can do with vegetables than simply steam/boil/grill them? Vegetable soups are making a comeback in a big way. You can use your steamer to steam fresh garlic, onion and cauliflower and then puree it with vegetable broth, salt and pepper for a delicious and hearty cauliflower soup. Another way to sneak in vegetables is with vegetable pasta. Kitchen gadgets like the Vegetti are designed to turn your favorite vegetables like zucchini and carrots into fettuccini style “noodles” that you can top with your favorite homemade sauces and meats.
  4. Read Labels – Just because something is labeled as organic or all-natural does not mean that it is healthy for you. Be sure to read labels and look for products that keep it simple with basic read food labelsingredients. For example, if you are going to pick up an organic dark chocolate bar then the ingredients should be limited to milk, sugar or another natural sweetener and cacao. However you will find that many simple products like this are actually made with additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients that should be eliminated with the clean eating diet.
  5. Skip the Alcohol – Cocktails, wine, beer and liquor are all filled with unnecessary calories that your body does not need. A night out with your friends can quickly eat up your calories if you are not careful. If you are trying to keep your body healthy then it is best to skip all forms of alcohol altogether. If you really need to drink, avoid the fancy cocktails and craft beers that are filled with added artificial flavors and sugar.

Pump Up Your Workout with Women’s Protein Shakes

One of the easiest and most popular ways to get your daily dose of protein is through a protein shake. These rich and creamy shakes are not only delicious but also packed with anywhere from 10 to 20 grams of protein. Getting enough protein is especially important if you are working out because it helps with fat-burning and helps you sustain longer through strenuous exercise. There are plenty of benefits of protein to boast, let’s take a look at what it can do for you.

womens protein shakesBenefits of Protein

For women, protein’s most important role is to help increase with fat loss and muscle retention. Protein plays a vital role in helping women build the long, lean muscles that they are so envious of. It is also part of a healthy diet. When you have enough protein then food will make you feel fuller longer which eliminates eating based on cravings. Another bonus is that it helps improve your metabolism which also helps you burn fat faster. Lastly, protein helps keep your bones strong and healthy as you age.

How to Get it

There are dozens of ways to get protein into your diet. Traditional foods are notoriously low in protein. A lack of protein in your diet can lead to problems with calcium absorption and hyperthyroidism. The first option for protein is to get it through the food that you eat. Lean meats like chicken are packed with protein. Many people also enjoy steak fishes like salmon as part of their protein-rich diet.

The second option is to get it through supplements and meal bars. You can pick up either of these items at your local vitamin shoppe. There are literally dozens of protein bars to choose from. Some are designed for specific parts of your workout like before, during or after. You can also find those that are chocolate covered for a more satisfying flavor. The real downfall of a protein bar is that it has a lot of calories and is often processed and made with preservatives. If you are trying to eat healthy then this is not necessarily something you want in your diet.

Finally, most people choose to get their protein through homemade protein shakes using their favorite powders. When it comes to protein powder you can typically choose from whey, soy or brown rice based options. Each offers it’s own unique benefits that you can explore.

Women’s Protein Shakes

Make your own protein shake by mixing your favorite powder with a low-fat milk. Many women choose to use coconut or almond milk for its enhanced nutritional benefits. Then you want to add your favorite fruits and vegetables to give it a richer, sweeter flavor. You can find hundreds of recipes for smoothies and shakes online that are quick and easy. Making your own protein shakes is always a better option than the store bought versions because they give you more to work with. They have less calories, more nutrients and no artificial preservatives or sugars that pre-made drinks are known for. You can learn more about protein powders for women here: http://www.womensproteinshakes.com/top-5-natural-protein-powders-for-women/

Always check with your doctor or nutritionist before adding extra protein to your diet. You want to maintain the correct dosage for the best results in your workouts.


A new take on an old idea: Diets, Fitness & Health

HEALTHYThe issue of health and fitness has always been relevant – though in the past centuries we see that the fashion and preferences of body structures were different – judging by the voluptuous models of the Renaissance period, there was always a fashion of one form or another. In the past decade there has been a shift from the 80’s where people were embracing their freedom to express themselves and more happy, healthy and free lifestyle was welcomed by the society.

 We now are at the age, where waif-like models, like Kate Moss, for example are the beauty idol for millions of girls worldwide. Although this trend has been up and running for quite some time, slowly there is another trend emerging – and that is the belief that you must not only be slim, but have a fit body, as it prolongs your lifespan, increases your overall activity and endurance and improves your health. In the past 5 years alone, there have been thousands of new diets introduced by various companies, nutritionists and celebrities alike, all urging people for stop eating one thing or another and start taking care of their body. While your body is purely your own instrument and you can do whatever you wish with it, here are some very interesting health trends that we have seen emerge in the past couple of years alone.

Dietary habits and preferences

It is interesting to see the evolution that various eating diets have gone through. From the original vegetarianism, which was initially a movement for animal protection, it has now become a dietary preference, there have been numerous diets promoted and written up about in books, on websites, e-books, articles and more. And while there is no one diet that is universal and will work for anyone, there are plenty to choose from. From the newest trends in diets, the two that are most popular at the moment are Paleo and Ducan. Paleo’s main rules are that people’s bodies have not evolved from Stone Ages and we should eat the most simple food that can be either ‘gathered’ or ‘killed’, following these principles, it is believed that people will get healthier bodies and will reach their desired weight. Ducan’s diet is a new method that separates the weight losing process into 3 parts, which are based on pure proteins and fruits, overall adding up to 100 ingredients.

Home DVD’s and TV shows

While there are numerous diets that people can read about, the companies went further than that and we can now watch whole shows and instructional DVD’s with fitness routines, workout programs and even shows where one can watch the progress of others in their journey to weight loss. From “Extreme Weight Loss” and “Heavy” to “The Biggest Loser” and “I Used To Be Fat”, there are many shows to choose from, depending on your interests and preferences. The shows are inspiring and motivate others to start taking care of their bodies and health. To ensure a successful workout, it is absolutely essential to purchase the necessary fitness clothes and shoes, and this exercise shoe guide can help you choose the right gear.

Fitness Apps

While workouts and fitness programs are still based on cardio, aerobics and weights, what has evolved is the way that we can access these – through apps on our gadgets and phones, from anywhere. This lets us workout even when we are on holidays, or at home, to see and track our progress, calculate how many steps we make a day with smart accessories such as the FitBit, and even have a daily mini fitness, called the “7-Minute Workout”, which is believed to train all the required muscles in just that time.

Expand your health beyond the physical and protect those you love at the same time.

HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCEYou take good care of yourself to the best you can. You’d like to take out a life insurance policy, but you have a preexisting condition ranging from mental health issues to even the fact that you are fighting diabetes on a daily basis. Most insurance companies hear things like that and politely shut the door on any opportunity to get a policy from them. The ones that do say they’ll accept you raise their prices through the roof and make it seem impossible to even think of paying their quote.

Well there is help out there, help from someone who won’t shut the door on you or give you an unreasonable price quote because you have diabetes. Get quotes for diabetics from an insurance hero who’s there for you and knows that you do your best under your circumstances and wants to be there to help. There’s nothing like taking a look see and have someone not only give you a quote, but compare quotes around as well to see where they stand up to other life insurance companies. Don’t let the fact that you have diabetes or other preexisting conditions shut the door on you before you even get a chance to knock. Talk to someone who knows what it’s like as you can see by clicking above. You want experience in all areas, not just one.

Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, you do what you can to take good care of yourself. Don’t stop there, look at affordable UK plans and see ways that you can take care of those that you love as well. By doing so you’re not only taking care of yourself, you’re taking care of those you care about, and those that care about you as well. It’s nice to know that someone out there has your back and it’s time to learn how. You do so much to stay on top of things, isn’t it time you take it to the next level and protect yourself and those you love.

So whether you are taking care of yourself and are living a healthy lifestyle, or you are still trying to stay healthy but have a preexisting medical condition such as diabetes, there are things you can do to kick it up a notch and make sure that you’re covered and so are those you care about. You’ll see there are people out there who know what it’s like and are waiting to open the door when you knock and let you see what they can do for you and even show you what others can or can’t do in your situation. Also they are willing to show you a way you can fit coverage into your budget perfectly. There’s no need to overpay just because you have a situation, or your age, or anything else. It’s time to find a hero. Until now you’ve been the hero, time to sit back and let one do the work for you.

Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin

berriesThere is more truth to the phrase “you are what you eat” than many people realize. Everything that you put into your body shows up somewhere on the outside of your body. The leading cause of wrinkles, blemishes and dull, uneven skin tone throughout your face is poor diet. Foods that are loaded with sugar, fatty oils and processed ingredients will wreak havoc on your skin. Beat the dull-skin blues by eating your way to healthier skin with these food items.


Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries – oh my! These fruits are rich in antioxidants which help fight signs of aging. A little known secret is that berries also have more Vitamin C than citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a diet rich in Vitamin C will lead to smoother, nourished skin and less wrinkles. Vitamin C is also known for its cellular repair benefits. This nutrient fights free radicals to keep your skin glowing, smooth and full of elasticity.

Olive Oil

It’s no secret that cooking with olive oil is healthier. But did you know that applying it directly to your skin will help bring out its radiance? This is an ancient trick that the Romans used to keep their youthful appearance. When you consume olive oil it helps reduce inflammation of the skins. Of course, too much oil is never a good thing. Next time you are cooking up poultry or vegetables, splash just a teaspoon of olive oil in the pan with your favorite herbs and ¼-cup of water. This will help dilute out the oil without diminishing the benefits and it’ll keep your meat and veggies tender.


Pumpkins are just for Halloween. This vegetable is packed with powerful nutrients like vitamins A, C and E. To top it off, it has enzymes that naturally cleanse your skin and reduce swelling all while fighting off wrinkles. Pumpkin is also naturally hydrating which allows it to nourish your skin with ease. Most people prefer to save the pulp and cook it into a mask for their face. Click here to learn more.


It’s easy to shy away from pomegranate because it is one fruit that is a whole lot of work to eat. However, this fruit is known to have more anti-aging, anti-inflammation, anti-wrinkle antioxidants than green tea or red wine. You can easily enjoy this tasty fruit to reap the benefits or use it as a facial scrub. When used 2-3 times per week it will sloth away dead skin cells and live your face looking radiant and glowing.

dark chocolateDark Chocolate

In recent years, the benefits of dark chocolate have been making headlines everywhere. If you thought that it was the cause of your skin woes – think again. Dark chocolate contains a potent level of those helpful antioxidants that keep your skin looking great. This antioxidant – called flavonols – are most potent in extra dark chocolate that is 70% or more Cacao. Best of all, you can enjoy 3-4 squares per day without guilt. You can also melt it down into a facial mask where the natural caffeine in cocoa can decrease facial puffiness.

Lose Weight the Easy Way with a Vegan Diet

healthy vegan foodLosing weight can seem like an uphill battle. People often forget that exercise is only 20% of what makes up a health weight loss routine. The bulk of your success will come from changing your diet to one that is not only healthier but that works best for your body. Jillian Michaels has said, on many occasions, that a vegan or vegetarian diet is not necessarily the best healthy choice for everyone. Some people need animal protein in their diet. However, thousands of people have switched to a vegan diet, lost weight and maintained a healthy lifestyle since. Here are some things you should know if you are thinking about diving in to this healthy trend on your own.

Start Out Slow

If you are not sure if you are really ready to dive into becoming vegan then you might want to give it a try on a trial basis. Some would call this being a part-time vegan. This means that one or two days a week you commit to eating the vegan way. This is a great way for you to gain a deeper understanding of the diet as well. Many people struggle with such a drastic change but you can use this opportunity to slowly ease your body into the new healthy eating plan.

You Will Eat More

Fruits and vegetables are very low in caloric value which means you will need to eat more to maintain a healthy daily calorie intake. However, you will notice that by eating vegetables you feel fuller longer and that satisfaction is one that everyone enjoys. Check out vegan blogs to find fun and easy recipes to try. The last thing that you want to do is simply eat boring spinach or carrots alone. Using infused oils and seasonings allows you to get a lot of flavor from the items that you are cooking. Many vegan dishes are truly mouthwatering. Learn more here.

Learn What You Can

The vegan diet is difficult. Some things you may not think contain animal products do. For example, gelatin powder is made from ground horse hooves and many powdered pasta mixes contain dried milk product. You will also discover that there are many soup mixes and sauces that contain animal product like fish sauce.

Your life doesn’t have to be all about tofu either. While there are many tofu options, some vegans choose to avoid it all together because it is a chemically modified soy substance that is not necessarily any healthier for you. Try to focus your diet on eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead. You will discover that foods like eggplant and bean spouts can really enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes.

Once you get a handle on the vegan lifestyle you will discover that it is pretty easy to maintain. Those who switch over state that they notice rapid weight loss while also feeling an increase in their energy and overall well-being. It’s even easier now than it was in past years because of the growing number of restaurants that cater to vegan guests. This means you don’t have to worry about falling off your diet just because you are eating out with friends.

Click here to learn more about healthy vegan food.

FITNESSExercise is very important for the fitness of one’s body and everyone should have a good regimen that they maintain well. Some, more than others, have trouble with a good diet and good physical fitness because with such busy and chaotic lives there is no time to crunch in a run or make a decent meal. A lot of people have almost no exercise and a poor diet because they have a job or even kids that keep them pretty busy and stopping for fast food is just easier than going to the store, buying a well balanced mean and then having to spend time preparing and cooking that meal. For some it is just too much. But everyone should try to set aside at least a little time for excise and a good meal when they can.

Total fitness however, is more than a good exercise regimen and a good diet. Total fitness requires that one also has a good mind. The brain is a muscle like any other. If you do not use it becomes atrophied and you lose some of what it is capable of. The mid should be active and used well on a daily basis just like all of your other muscles should. And just like eating well, this does take time. It can also take money depending on how you do this.

There are many options for exercising the mind. You can use flash cards or some sites geared towards the mind. You could also keep up a good education. There is nothing that stimulates the mind like a good education. Now, I know that a lot people don’t have the money for college but there are ways around that.

Part of fitness is having a well balanced life and knowledge is a big part of that. There are a lot of single mothers whose lives revolve around their children, which is not at all a bad thing. However, if they were to go to college they could improve their job and therefore their lives. Their children will grow up and they will begin to have more and more time for themselves. Once they do it is going to be great to have a degree, a job that they love and that they are proud of and a good head on your shoulders. All things that benefit a single mother will benefit her children as well.

If you are a single mother but don’t think that you could ever get into college or get a degree, then you should at least know what options are out there. There are specific scholarships for single mothers out there just waiting to be taken by bright young women such as yourselves. Getting a scholarship could change your entire life for the better and the lives of your children as well. Maybe you already have a pretty busy life but there are online classes and a lot of opportunities to better yourself. So why not go out there and take them and make your life whatever you want it to be.

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